1. How his hair looked in previous films
    "I can't believe I left the dormitory looking like that"
  2. If Hermione was into him as more than a friend
    This was finally addressed with an immediate "eww, no" in the 7th book but years 1-6 should've been a rollercoaster of "damn Hermione looks great I wonder if she's made out with anyone yet and if not do you think she'd do it with me"
  3. Grades
    Dude you're good at some things but has it occurred to you that maybe potions are super goddamn useful and that's why it's mandatory grades 7 through 10.
  4. Why Malfoy is such a dick
    My best friend in high school was a guy who I hated when we first started, all we had to do was have a conversation in year 8 about what the actual issue was and we became friends cause it turns out when you have to interact with someone daily it's way easier to get along with them
  5. Borderline inappropriate relationships with teachers
    Why are all of his teachers just a bit too close to him? Talk to the counsellor about that maybe?