Black cats (any animal really) are always the hardest to find forever homes. I think that's dumb. This is a list to help convince you get get a black little feline friend.
  1. They are just like any other cat (maybe better!)
  2. Their black coat really makes their eyes "pop!"
  3. No one will think your cat is overweight since black is so slimming!
  4. Black cats never get dirty!
  5. If you wear black clothes like I do, their fur just blends right in!
    No shedding problems!
  6. You don't need to decorate for Halloween, just put him/her on the windowsill and viola!
  7. You can use his/her colour to come up with cool names!
    ie. Shadow, Jynx, Ozzy, Lucipurr
  8. Everyone will think you are totally metal and bad ass.
  9. They "go" with any decor
  10. At nighttime, it's like living with a little furry ninja!