.... At least I can enjoy them now...
  1. Invest in a basil plant
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Drink less
  4. Given tomatoes a second chance
  5. Invest in a stovetop espresso maker
  6. Try La Croix sparkling water
  7. *really* be open to other opinions and thoughts... Give them the consideration they deserve
  8. Know and believe that some times silence is the best reaction
  9. Realize roses really are a great summer wine
  10. Figure out that a new can of tennis balls can be used more than once...especially at my level of play!
  11. Learn the yoga really does make a difference for a runner
  12. Shaving cream/gel really does make a difference!!
  13. ... That's all for now, although there are bound to be many more "ah ha" moments....