Just in case you folks in a relationship enjoy living vicariously through your single friends dating woes....it's not all hot and new experiences...wish it was :)
  1. You can bet when a "connection" comes through to your in box between 11pm and 3am... It's probably not a "match"
  2. Apparently the profile that I write and rewrite to tweek just enough to to tell my story, but not all of my story... To explain what I am and am not looking for without sounding alike a bitch....no one reads.... They just look at the photos
  3. There really are people out there that would rather email and text then actually meet.... Seriously?! You don't "date" on line....
  4. Drinking and Matching is NEVER a good idea
  5. On-line dating really messes with one's psyche .... Not to mention the entire concept of dating
  6. ....what ever happened to the idea of meeting someone over trying to figure out if a pineapple was ripe or not?!🍍
  7. And these are just my thoughts when on-line.... Wait to hear the actual date stories 🙄