A list of the thoughts going through my head as I (slowly) realized there was a puddle on my leg while I rode the subway today
  1. I don't feel comfortable
    Awareness of the self is new to me
  2. The back of my leg is cold
    I'm wearing a messenger bag that rests above the point of my discomfort. I adjust the bag and move one of metal buckles away from my leg
  3. My leg is still cold
  4. If it wasn't the buckle what is it
    I reach my hand down and discreetly probe around my leg. There's a fist-sized puddle just beneath my left cheek
  5. Oh, my leg is wet
  6. Why is my leg wet
    I reach into my back pocket thinking I'll find the leak here
  7. Maybe something is leaking in my bag
    My favorite/only water bottle is in there. But it is dry and so is everything else in my bag
  8. It must be coming from my pocket
  9. No
  10. There's a girl looking at me
  11. I wish I were doing anything and everything other than rubbing the back of my leg with a look of severe confusion
  12. There is literally no conceivable way the back of my leg could've gotten wet
  13. Prior to getting on the train I spent 6 hours sitting at a desk
  14. It's already almost dry
  15. This is my stop
  16. I am not comfortable