1. Sunshine
    The sun does shine in Boston, but nothing compares to actually feeling the warmth of the sun hit you
  2. Cookies
    My mom is cookie master. She makes delicious chocolate/oatmeal cookies but her specialty are these amazing colorful decorated cookies she makes for special events. These are the cookies she let me take to the Star Wars premiere last night
  3. Driving
    Don't have my own car but when my mom lets me take hers out now and then, it's an awesome feeling to zip around in your own personal space and blast music with the windows down
  4. Ocean
    Again, Massachusetts has its fair share of beaches, but nothing compares to driving down PCH and seeing waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing down below you
  5. Catching up
    Whether it's staying up all night with my friends from high school, seeing as many movies as I can or stuffing my face at the local eateries, my breaks in California always give me the time to do just that-- take a break. I love being able to soak up some sun and get caught up with the stuff I love with the people I love.
  6. Having a "Home"
    I've started referring to Boston as home and California as well, just California, but I can't ignore the fact that this is where my actual "home" is: The tangible, (nearly) 4-sided structure populated by my mom and dog, hundreds of embarrassing photos of me, smell of cookies and stew and chowder, and all of the books I've ever read. Boston may be the city I call home now, but a physical home is like a big, permanent safe box where all your family and nostalgia lives and nothing really tops that
  7. I don't have to stay too long
    I've lived in California for about 17 years but after my first year in Boston, coming back to California gave me reverse culture shock. I'll never stop loving this sunny paradise but I'm very appreciative of the fact that I have another home to run back to.