A special Star Wars list for May the 4th: Characters that deserved better

They're mostly dead.
  1. Padme Amidala
    Ok this is my precious cinnamon roll with questionable judgement in men but she is so pure and deserved a full life and successful queenship. I'm not crying.
  2. Darth Maul
    For some bizarre reason I feel like he was let down at some point and went down an Anakin way so I always feel bad for him??
  3. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
    They were super nice to Anakin and Luke and they were just unceremoniously blown up and they were just trying to farm some moisture!!
  4. Mace Windu
    The most badass jedi dies unnecessarily and I'm still mad.
  5. The entire Rogue One crew
    I've said this before but they died saving the rebellion like I'M NOT CRYING
  6. Alderaan
    The whole planet is gone! It was so pretty!! Why!!!!!
  7. Finn
    Poor guy.
  8. Maz Kanata
    She deserves more screen time. Finn ruined her cool digs.
  9. Starkiller
    Even being raised as a killing machine he does the right thing and he IS MY BB
  10. Rey
    Also a precious baby who deserves a family and some chill time. I don't think she'll get it in 8. Sneaky suspicion...