Inspired by @ShawnKelly (but taken seriously 😜)
  1. 25% Irish
    I had no idea! I never celebrated St. Pattys because I thought I wasn't Irish, guess who's dying their hair green next year!! ☘
  2. 31% Great Britain
    This I totally saw coming. I am British to my core.
  3. 30% Nordic
    Sweden, Denmark and Norway!! So proud of my nordic and viking heritage and glad to see it represented. ⚡️
  4. 6% Western Europe
    France, Germany and others, very surprising! French was my first language I self taught, cool to see I have a little "sang pur" in me.
  5. 3% European Jewish
    Whaaaaat ?? Coming from me? Pretty cool. Pretty far back in the family tree, but still cool.
  6. 2% Italy and Greece
    I've got a little of both how neat?
  7. 1% Iberian Peninsula
    Spanish and Portuguese too?! Again, total surprise!
  8. 1% Europe East
    I knew I had Russian blood, but this is a lot less than I expected.
  9. 1% Middle East
    Color me absolutely astounded!