🔥Hot Takes on the top 11 Voice contestants 🔥

I hate this show but it pulls me in every year.
  1. Chris Blue
    The reincarnation of James Brown and he. is. so. FINE. Pipes on pipes.
  2. Vanessa Ferguson
    A. Killer. If she truly comes out of her shell WATCH OUT! Love her vibe.
  3. TSoul
    What the ever living hell. I liked him the first few weeks but his performances have been weird and super pitchy. He's on another planet. Like a yodeling grandpa with seizures.
  4. Mark Isaiah
    I used to love him. But what is going on with him? The bieber vibe is fine, but his performances have been so flat, and Adam's begging is super weird. Deliver or go home!
  5. Stephanie Rice
    I'm honestly so sick of her sob story. She's a good singer but she's so one dimensional.
  6. Jesse Larson
    I love his voice, but I'm not totally comfortable with a white dude playing Rnb.
  7. Lilli Passero
    I LOVE this girl. She is so fierce and stylish. My bb. The love child of Lorde and Frank Sinatra.
  8. Brennley Brown
    I do not like this girl. She always sounds like she's crying and she's always sharp and I just don't like her.
  9. Hunter Plake
    This guy definitely snuck up on me. He seems like a Coldplay knock off, but he is seriously talented!
  10. Lauren Duski
    Country music blonde clone. Talented in a "she could be Reba and I wouldn't know or care" way.
  11. Aliyah Moulden
    Super cute. I can't believe she's so talented at such a young age.