1. English
    My native language, so I didn't have a choice, but I'm grateful because I can't fathom having to learn it in order to function online and in business.
  2. French
    I learned this entirely online, and then during a stay in Paris. I learned so much about life and learning from learning a second language, and who doesn't love speaking a romance language to a lover? 😁
  3. Swedish
    I absolutely adore swedish. It sounds unlike any other language. Except Norwegian and Danish. My ancestors spoke it, so it was very cool to connect with that. Your third language really messes up your head.
  4. Esperanto
    An actual made up language invented in the 1800's and officially recognised as a language in 1935. It was designed to teach you to learn languages. It is seriously so much fun and you can be conversational in a month. Do it. Mi volas paroli al iu!
  5. Italian
    I just started learning this, but I am a huge art and food fan, so this is a no brainer. It's also beautiful.