1. Halloween
  2. Hocus Pocus
    Sometimes I skip the teens because all I want is more Sanderson sisters!! A classic and hilarious Halloween must-see.
  3. Halloweentown
    Even though I've definitely grown out of it, it still makes me laugh! If I'm in a very spooky mood, I'll throw in 2,3 and Halloween town high.
  4. Friday the 13th
    I know I should watch Halloween if I watch a slasher, but this one is my absolute favorite. Cheesy, scary, and starring Jared Padelecki.
  5. Scream
    I also have a soft spot for this slasher, it's a classic! You say " I'll just watch one" and before you know it, you're forcing yourself to watch Nightmare on Elm Street.
  6. Every Halloween episode of...
  7. Bob's Burgers
    Their Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas episodes are required viewing.
  8. Supernatural
    I know the entire show is Halloween.
  9. Saturday Night Live
    Always a good laugh
  10. Christmas!!!
    Only the best holiday of the year!
  11. Elf
    This is required watching. Several times.
  12. Home Alone
  13. Creature Comforts Christmas Specials
    Both of them! So hilarious.
  14. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  15. A Christmas Story
    The best Christmas movie of all time.
  16. It's A Wonderful Life
    Goes without saying
  17. The Nativity (2006)
    This iteration is my favorite, being a diverse and accurate portrayal, and for being spiritually powerful. Plus Oscar Isaac.
  18. The Santa Clause
    Incidentally the first movie I saw in theaters, being 2 months old! Always special to me.
  19. White Christmas
    A classic
  20. The Bishops Wife
  21. Joyeux Noël
    It makes me happy, and then I cry.
  22. A Christmas Carol (1984)
    My favorite version!
  23. New Year's Eve
  24. Rear Window
    I have no idea why but this has been a tradition in my family since I can remember.
  25. Star Wars Original Trilogy
    Again, no clue. We used our vhs until last year when I "lost" the vhs player.
  26. The Thin Man
    A terrific mystery, plus hilarity courtesy of William Powell and Myrna Loy, the original power couple.
  27. The Man From Uncle
    This is a relatively new addition but a super good one