My favorite cheeses

It's like crack for foodies.
  1. Myzithra
    Hard cheese. From Greece. Good for grating on spaghetti, absolutely great crumbling cheese
  2. Mozzarella
    Soft cheese. From Italy. The most amazing cheese. Ball or grated.
  3. Cotija
    Soft cheese. From Mexico. Great salty crumbling cheese, delicioso!
  4. Dubliner
    Hard cheese. From Ireland. Delightful, good for spreading, mild yummy flavor.
  5. Goat cheese
    Soft cheese. Locally sourced. Mild flavor, creamy and delicious.
  6. Cheddar
    Hard cheese. From the US. Not the most fancy cheese, but a great comfort cheese that always delivers. Perfect for Mac n Cheese.
  7. Brie
    Soft cheese. From France. I have to be in the right mood for it, but it's great for spreading. Very creamy.
  8. Gruyère
    Hard cheese. From Switzerland. The king of fondue, very rich and delicious.