My favorite Pokemon I've caught so far.

I love this game and I wanna catch em all!
  1. Current Pokémon: 113
  2. Azumarill
    It's a bunny!!
  3. Wigglytuff
  4. Shuckle
    I don't believe this is a real Pokémon. Look at its eyes, a sharpie did that.
  5. Quagsire
    The absolute cutest. Also my heavy hitter.
  6. Christmas Pikachu!
  7. Birthday Pikachu!!
  8. Ninetales
    So majestic.
  9. Flaafy
    Just try and say that without sounding like a sheep.
  10. Espeon
    My favorite iteration of Eevee.
  11. Ditto
    This asshole.
  12. Cleffa
    I caught this actually after its evolutions, clefairy and cleffable, but its so stinking cute I kept it.