1. Step one: Assess.
    Is this a walking dead, night of the living dead, or z nation type zombie? Where is the concentration? This will effect the next steps. Given that I live in a small college town in idaho, I don't have to worry about military intervention or metropolitan level infection, but I still need to get away from any concentrated population.
  2. Step two: Pack
    Now that I'm leaving the area, I need supplies for the short term. I plan on coming back when the initial crowd dies/leaves, and clearing the infected and establishing a home base. I need canned food, water, clothes depending on the weather, and a weapon. Spiked baseball bat or hatchet is the goal, but in my apartment it'll probably be a kitchen knife.
  3. Step three: Leave
    There will be the initial mass panic and exodus, but they will be getting on with highways headed to salt lake city or boise. I will be headed further into nowhere, headed to the potato fields, find an abandoned potato storage thing, those big silver things. That will have food, will be an unlikely place to see many people, and will be easily fortified.
  4. Step four: Wait
    The initial outbreak period sees a dramatic drop in the population, and all we have to do is wait until it is feasible to scavenge and avoid humans and zombies.
  5. Step five: Move Out
    After our potato hibernation, it will be time to go into town to collect non-perishable food, building supplies, and weapons. While initially planning to return to the apartment, it will become clear that the potato storage will be stronger, bigger and less likely to be susceptible to raiding.
  6. Step Six: Enjoy Your Apocalypse
    There is no end game with zombies, just start planting potatoes and avoid cannibals. Enjoy!