Edited of course for your viewing pleasure. I tend to type the first thing that pops in my head so they're pretty odd.
  1. What's the deal with probiotic cultures
  2. How to get rid of the video tab on Facebook
    I'm one of those crazy people that uses Facebook for friends, and YouTube for video.
  3. Can you freeze cured meat.
    Not recommended.
  4. Black Keys live
  5. Stuff to do
  6. Oldest shop in UK
    Some butcher in Wales I don't remember
  7. Wengers record
    I wanted my anger to be righteous.
  8. Banana ketchup
    Google it.
  9. Pope evolution
    Looking back I thought I was looking for like a transformation gif but I'm not that funny I just wanted to know his stance on actual evolution
  10. Cat jittery jaw
    A lot of cat symptoms in my search history. Turns out he's just weird.
  11. 7 leaf serrated weed
    Found in my garden. Still not sure if it's Weed, so I'm waiting for it to grow some more before I have a moral quandary.
  12. Where stuff thats shipped in stardew valley goes
    Turns out I was selling all my building materials because I skipped the tutorial.
  13. Where to watch Eurovision