Never-ending list of Doggo finds 🐶

My cat list brings me such joy and I've been meeting a lot of puppers 🐶
  1. Chief
  2. Puddles
  3. Jersey
    I know it's not a dog but it's like the farm equivalent and he lives across the street from me and HE'S SO CUTE!!
  4. Poppy
  5. Scout
  6. Doug
  7. Alf
    Okay I know that this breed is on the "most ugly" list but this angel of dog kind is BEAUTIFUL. AND YOU CAN FIGHT ME ON THIS
  8. Leo the #goodboy
  9. Sebastian
  10. Fey
    Adult ankles for scale 🐶
  11. Spike
    So excited to meet the mailman after chasing him for so many years.
  12. Donny and Marie
  13. Sam