So. Much. Television...
  1. Teen Wolf
    I'm so scared about it ending so I haven't started the final season yet
  2. The Magicians
    I'm just so shaken by last season I'm not emotionally ready for more
  3. Fued: Betty and Joan
    I haven't started but I'm already obsessed
  4. Legion
    Same thing, I'm apprehensive because it looks freaking insane
  5. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    I'm actually working on this one because it helps me cope with reality
  6. The Story of God
    Morgan Freeman is amazing but this show requires serious attention
  7. Chef's Table (international and France)
    I love this show so I'm taking my time and SAVORING it.
  8. Abstract: the art of design
    This show requires a lot of brain power.
  9. Marvel's Luke Cage
    I love this show but I love the cinematography so i can't watch it while doing anything else
  10. A series of unfortunate events
    I so want to like this show but I can't get into it
  11. Into the Badlands
    Is this show any good? I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it.
  12. Jessica Jones
    I can't stand this show but people seem to love it so it's still in my Netflix queue
  13. Archie
    Man I need to start this
  14. 13 reasons why
    I'm absolutely ready to be hurt by this show