Strange Celebrity Chance Meetings

I have the strange gift of running into celebrities and they are so random. So random.
  1. Alex Guarneschelli
    I met her at church. She was super cool.
  2. Chris Pratt
    Met him at the airport, I remember being sad his wife wasn't with him.
  3. Stan Lee
    I obviously met him at comic con
  4. Dan Smith
    Lead singer of Bastille, met him backstage at one of their concerts. Missed the chance to feel his hair.
  5. Barbara Eden
    Comic Con, She did the genie move for me too!
  6. Madonna
    I shit you not, I got a pedicure next to her. She was in a camo tank top and pants and flip flops, she really is the Queen.
  7. Sam Whitwer
    Comic Con, most people won't know who this is, but he starred in the star wars video game "The Force Unleashed" and is super hot. Oh and he was a super hot vampire in "Being Human"
  8. Nick Offerman
    Airport. Having read his second book, I knew he wasn't into the selfie thing, so I got a firm handshake. Almost wet myself I was so happy.
  9. Iris
    Outside a coffee shop in London