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  1. I worked at the craft store equivalent of North Korea.
  2. But I escaped.
  3. This is my story.
  4. We don't check in the back for that glitter you want. There is nothing in the back.
  5. Breaks are fifteen minutes and you can't leave.
  6. We don't sell fabric, just yarn, because this is the twilight zone.
  7. No one checks the aisle with model cars, so feel free to grab a craft and cry yourself to a better world.
  8. We have a two week average employee turnover, so no one knows where your bedazzling stuff is, so we'll just tell you that we're out.
  9. Anything that says coupon will be accepted as a coupon.
  10. If anyone tells you they love working there, run away from their cold, reanimated corpse.