The definitive Disney Princess list (finished!!)

This was more work than my degree.
  1. Snow White
    I actually looked this up because I couldn't remember whether her father married into the throne (making her ineligible for the throne) but I was wrong. The first princess!
  2. Cinderella
    Only a princess through marriage. Unless you count the sequels, in which case she would be a queen and therefore not on this list! (I haven't seen them but I assume that happens)
  3. Aurora
    As royal as they come. Just the best.
  4. Dot
    Yep, a bug is a Disney Princess.
  5. Jasmine
    The chillest princess. Too cool for school.
  6. Kida
  7. Belle
    She would only qualify if she marries Prince Adam later on, which was oddly canonized by an obscure kids book from 2005. My fav
  8. Katey
    From a kid in king arthur's court. You're welcome.
  9. Sarah
    Again from a kid in king arthurs court. Yep, Kate Winslet is a Disney princess.
  10. Merida
    SO CUTE!!
  11. Shuri
    From the upcoming major motion picture hit BLACK PANTHER
  12. Suri
    Yes the lemur from Dinosaur. You thought "definitive list" was a joke?!
  13. Ariel
  14. Andrina
    The blonde one
  15. Aquata
  16. Arista
    The blonde one
  17. Attina
  18. Adella
    The last one
  19. Alana
    The third from the right (ugh too many mermaid princesses)
  20. Dejah Thoris
    From John Carter
  21. Anna
    Hashtag relatable.
  22. Moana
    my baby
  23. Mei
  24. Ting-Ting
  25. Su
  26. Minnie Mouse
    Yeah technically.
  27. Winnifred "Fred"
    Yeah I'm disappointed by where this list is going too.
  28. Pocahontas
    Girl doesn't get enough credit.
  29. Tamina
    From Prince of Persia. Hashtag not taking your shit today.
  30. Rosalinda
    From the highly acclaimed Princess Protection Program.
  31. Sofia the first
  32. Amber
  33. Clio
  34. Vanellope
    I know she calls herself a president but I'm ignoring that because princesses have more fun.
  35. Pirate Princess Patricia
    From Jake the Pirate
  36. Leia
    There is a fair amount of argument about this, but according to star wars lore, there were alderaaneans all over the galaxy and importantly in the rebellion, so she still had subjects following the death star explosion. And any royalty who take positions in government but do not renounce their title still retain it. Suck it nerds.
  37. Melody
  38. Alex / Artemis
    From Twitches Too. I'm sorry but the definitive ship sailed a long time ago, there is no turning back.
  39. Camryn / Apolla
    Yeah me too Tia.
  40. Candy
    From Dave the Barbarian
  41. Fang
    From Dave the Barbarian
  42. Irmaplotz
    From Dave the Barbarian
  43. Ruby
    Descendants: Wicked World (hasn't made an appearance yet)
  44. Audrey
    Descendants and Descendants: Wicked World
  45. Elena of Avalor
  46. Asana
    Princess Diaries 2. (Iconic)
  47. Lorraine
    Princess diaries 2. Those braces tho.
  48. Hannah
    Princess diaries 2. I know this is terrible quality!
  49. Charlee
    Princess diaries 2
  50. Maui
    Princess Diaries 2
  51. Aimee
    The star of Princess diaries 2. Has to go poddy.
  52. Alexandra
    Princess diaries 2
  53. Nadège
    Princess diaries 2
  54. Claudia
    Princess diaries 2
  55. Nicole
    Princess diaries 2
  56. Nadia
  57. Grace
    Princess diaries 2
  58. Camille
    Princess diaries 2
  59. Tiana
    By frog marriage.
  60. Those who didn't make the cut :
  61. Elsa
    Queens have more fun
  62. Giselle
    A peasant who marries... A peasant.
  63. Nancy
    From Enchanted. She marries the Prince yes, but he becomes a king. Yep, Idina is a 2x Disney Queen.
  64. Mulan
    Shang is a peasant, and so is she. But who cares right? Definitely not this list.
  65. Atta
    Yes. Not only is another bug in this list, but one voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She becomes a queen.
  66. Elizabeth Swann
    She's a pirate queen and that's maybe better than being a princess.
  67. Amelia minuette thermopolis renaldi
    Yep another queen, yet the title of the series is princess diaries. It's fine. I'm fine.
  68. Thanks for watching!