Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Hamilton
    Yeah yeah I finally dipped my toe into the abyss, and 14 hrs later definitely did not buy the album and bootleg the Broadway video.
  2. Cheez-its
    An under-appreciated delight
  3. Good Mythical Morning
    Now part of my daily routine 😜
  4. Naps
    Why do we stop doing this as adults? It's amazing!
  5. Barcode scanning self-awareness
    Don't freak out, but they scan the spaces. Not the fun lines. The spaces.
  6. Overalls
    I think they're making a comeback but I'm still too scared to wear them in public. The 90's are too fresh in my mind.
  7. Wild World- Bastille
    This album is a blessing and we are all unworthy