I'm in a fighting mood.
  1. Entrees are served as the main course. Entré literally means entrance. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRST COURSE!!!
  2. While we're on the French subject, Voila is pronounced VOO-AH-LA NOT WALLAH
  3. The burning of the Library of Alexandria. I'm not going to get into it, I'll start crying and yelling. It was the worst thing ever to happen.
  4. Severus Snape was not a good man. Not up for debate.
  5. Betty White is not allowed to die.
  6. Cats are so loving and affectionate and if you think they're evil I WILL FIGHT YOU!
  7. It literally makes no sense to build a wall on the US/Mexico border, since 80% of illegal immigrants fly into the country.
  8. No one I know is on this beautiful app!! WHY?!