I'm reluctant to give up since its like a poorly behaving child that you just want to see succeed. I'm apologising in advance for my very angry mood that has nothing to do with my love life being a mess.
  1. Arrow
    Admittedly I would absolutely let this show hurt me again, but then I realised it's horrible and they only use characters' tragedies as plot points so that no one actually evolves maddens me. The acting is horrible. I'm a felicity lover and will fight anyone over her. I thought the paralysis plot had the potential to be beautiful, but as soon as she said "Hey, I'm independent even in a wheelchair" they magically fixed her which is a crime against her and disabled representation.
  2. Once Upon a Time
    This show is a mess. I hate every single character with a burning passion except for Regina. She deserves so much better. Like a better show. Great idea for a show, terrible execution and a protagonist that I absolutely despise. The frozen plot line was amazing, it was like a live action Frozen. But then they sent away those characters and my desire to watch as well.
  3. Gotham
    They are so close to ruining the entire batman world for me. I had to stop after the first season. I don't want to see the weird age gap between the villains and Bruce. I don't want to see Detective Gordon be an ass for eight seasons before he becomes wise consultant for Bruce. They definitely have made poor decisions in this show. I loved it and it hurt me.
  4. Game of Thrones
    I honestly can't believe I even tried. The only good thing in this depressing show was Khal Drogo and he died in like the fourth episode. Between the rape and the angst and everyone dying, how can anyone sit through this? I'm really sorry but I don't get it.
  5. Doctor Who
    This one hurts. I loved this show growing up, but it's honestly a kids show that I don't enjoy as an adult. They seem to repeat plots, like the new planet has secrets, the past has secrets, or everything was a dream with secrets. I still will cry about Doomsday till I die. The best thing they ever did.
  6. Supernatural
    I still love this show, but after you kill Satan, angels, Cain, and meet God, what else is there?! I loved when it was just hunting ghosts and being broken, but I think they overshot the mark four seasons ago. Also I don't like Cas and you can FIGHT ME ON THAT.