1. Anne with an E
    I was such a huge fan of the 80's TV show (and still am) and was appalled that they dare touch my Anne, but this interpretation is devastating and beautiful and will definitely be on my Emmy watchlist.
  2. Big Brother
    It's trash, and knowing that going into it I was surprised at how entertaining this trash is.
  3. Teen Wolf
    It's based on a lame 80's movie and airs on MTV, so you'd expect it to be awful and unwatchable. But it's done so well and to me is on the same wavelength as shows like Supernatural and the Magicians, that most people would be pleasantly surprised like I was.
  4. Hellevator
    Get ready for this one. While carving jack o' lanterns my best friend was scrolling through Netflix and found this gem. Take fear factor, and mix in prize winning and Halloween, and you get a gem of a TV show. Four contestants get into a doomed elevator, and one by one take on scary challenge based levels that get more intense as the elevator lowers. Complete all levels, and win beaucoup bucks. Great Halloween party watching.