Weirdest things I've found playing Geoguessr

It's a pretty simple game, they drop you in a random spot in Google earth and using visual cues you guess where you are.
  1. Gee, I wonder where I am. Really a one in a lifetime gimme.
  2. I guess Google earth sent someone to do a remote shot, because this is a castle in Romania, no roads, just walking paths.
  3. Some Russian dudes. There are no words.
  4. EXCEPT there's another picture. Google earth is the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. Some graffiti in France, it translates to "Neither walls nor committees, popular assemblies." For some reason it seems really deep.
  6. This was just annoying, I didn't even know they did the Google earth car at night, it seems like it would be bad for maps. I guessed Iowa and it was central Russia. Terrific.