Inspired by @Straggler list that I made him do
  1. Deprive my four children because the first born in this house shall carry the family name and all others are merely workers!!
    From 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat
  2. Brutally murder a little person riding a bear type creature
    Borderlands 2
  3. Have an emotional crises over which pigeon I should love
    Hatoful Boyfriend
  4. Decide that a neighborhood doesn't really need access to hospitals or law enforcement
    Cities: Skylines
  5. Cry because there is so much in the universe and I'm so small but also so big
    from Everything
  6. Try on everyone's clothes that I murder in case I get a prize
    Hitman: Absolution
  7. Play Simon Says to avoid detonating a bomb
    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  8. Saying "Napoleon conquered France so why am I having such a hard time??"
    Napoleon: Total War
  9. Laughing maniacally at the news that there is no one left alive on earth
    Plague Inc
  10. Dying before being able to make clothes
  11. Being fiercely competitive about my carrots and pumpkins
    Stardew Valley
  12. Saying a patient is weak when they die while I'm chainsawing their ribs
    Surgeon Simulator
  13. Being a happy dictator
    Tropico 5
  14. Drugging a baby so it won't drown itself
    Who's your Daddy?
  15. Stringing not one, not two, but five mobsters upside down from a gargoyle
    Batman: Arkham Origins