⚡️In honor of 20 magical years ⚡️
  1. 9:00 We've arrived!!
    The local bookstore is swarming with kids, adults, some groups standing around dressed in house robes.
  2. 9:30 Merch.
    The local bookstore has plastic time turners, scarves, past books and of course, Bertie Botts. The stacks of the next book are covered in do not open stickers just waiting to be torn up. Make sure to get a ticket to secure your place in line!
  3. 11:00 The Waiting Game
    It's absolutely everything you can do not to tear those boxes open, so you join the others that have been waiting and speculate wildly about the plot of the next book.
  4. 11:50 Countdown
    Everyone stares at their watches and phones and counts down a loud, everyone is jumping up and down from the excitement and all the caffeine. (It was hard to stay up as an 8 year old.)
    In a flurry everyone runs inside, rushing the tiny bookstore counter. One by one people rush outside with their books, already opening and reading on the pavement, while the rest of us look on...
  6. 12:20 BOOK IN HAND!
    We have it!! We rush to the car and read during the whole ride home.
    I don't know about you guys, but I can't sleep until I know the story. Have a magical day!