What I'm binge watching right now

I'll keep this updated, I'm always watching too much TV.
  1. Trial and Error
    Such a funny and bizarre show, great parody of criminal documentaries.
  2. Chef's Table (Netflix)
    A beautiful, thought provoking show.
  3. Keeping up Appearances
    I remember loving this as a kid, it's hilarious as an adult!
  4. Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix)
    During the American Ninja Warrior hiatus, this insane international competition is required viewing. I love how every country has commentators speaking in their native languages. So legit.
  5. Spring Baking Championship (Food Network)
    I always have a baking championship in rotation year round.
  6. Luke Cage (Netflix)
    This show is SUCH a gift. Beautiful, powerful and thrilling. Give me more poc superheroes!!
  7. An Idiot Abroad (Netflix)
    I can't believe I just found this. Hilarious and makes you think.