Original song for reference: http://bit.ly/1EUZ8o4
  1. Nicki's butt is really big
  2. She spits fire on the mic
  3. Lea is a basic girl
  4. She posts pictures from her hikes
  5. Oprah is a megastar
  6. Has more money than the queen
  7. Chelsea she is tough as nails
  8. She'd stab someone in the spleen
  9. Kim is a religious nut
  10. She loves homophobia
  11. Teresa won the Nobel prize
  12. She's from Macedonia
  13. Angelina is a saint
  14. A humanitarian
  15. Linda is already dead
  16. She was vegetarian
  17. Gaga launched a charity
  18. Took the money for herself
  19. Jenny lived a lonely life
  20. She kept snow globes on the shelf
  21. Michele is such an ugly one
  22. She is bad inside and out
  23. Serena's arms are strong as hell
  24. I know that she could knock me out
  25. Susan always told a lie
  26. But she swore she never did
  27. Salma must be magical
  28. She breastfed a random kid
  29. Ellen is a talk show host
  30. People like to see her dance
  31. Natalie's a movie star
  32. Had a kid and moved to France
  33. Paula is a racist chef
  34. She has butter everywhere
  35. Jennifer is single now
  36. Her husband had an affair
  37. Taylor plays her shitty songs
  38. People like her way too much
  39. Gwyneth is so very cold
  40. I bet she's icy to the touch
  41. Kathleen was a riot grrrl
  42. And she didn't take no crap
  43. Amber sure knows how to twerk
  44. She can make her booty clap
  45. Missy doesn't wear a bra
  46. She gets naked on the web
  47. Columba doesn't have good taste
  48. She's married to a man named Jeb
  49. Lindsey's tits are really huge
  50. She shows them on Instagram
  51. Ronda is a powerhouse
  52. She could beat up any man
  53. Rose is a stupid girl
  54. She believes in Jackalopes
  55. Tiffany is gullible
  56. She buys into horoscopes
  57. Caitlin used to be a man
  58. But always a conservative
  59. Courtney started up a band
  60. They called her alternative
  61. Lucy came from Queens, New York
  62. She's a television star
  63. Cara is a scientist
  64. Who had sex with Bill Maher
  65. Whoopi says such crazy things
  66. Dressed like she's from outer space
  67. Malin is a Swedish girl
  68. From a band called Ace of Base
  69. Samira went to Juilliard
  70. Plays a convict on TV
  71. Gianna does pornography
  72. That I always want to see
  73. Nichelle would battle aliens
  74. With her phaser set to stun
  75. Wendy is hilarious
  76. She tells jokes to everyone
  77. Katie had to run away
  78. She was married to Tom Cruise
  79. Etta was incredible
  80. Every time she sang the blues
  81. Beyoncé is a feminist
  82. Who hires men to write her songs
  83. Kelsey is extremely good
  84. At turning apples into bongs
  85. Joan always knows how to rock
  86. We're so lucky she exists
  87. Mariya lets me see her boobs
  88. I chose her to end this list