1. A dating app for single birds called Chicken Tinder.
  2. Dating app for single rock bands of the 2000's
    OK Go Cupid.
    Suggested by   @IamChrisTodd
  3. Dating app for BDSM enthusiasts called Bindr
    Suggested by   @olive
  4. A dating app for troubled teenagers called eHarmony Korine.
    Suggested by   @meganelizabeth
  5. A Dating App that pairs nice guys with cars and people that just want to go to Target:
    Target Practice
    Suggested by   @TQ
  6. Dating app for people who don't use sunscreen regularly: Farmer Tans Only
    Suggested by   @grumpus
  7. Don't Do It!
    An app with just stories that remind you how horrible dating can be. Much like a lot of recent lists on here.
    Suggested by   @p
  8. A DatingApp for real life people called ListApp
    Suggested by   @Samuel
  9. A dating app for enthusiastic ebook readers called Kindlr
    Suggested by   @sl
  10. Dating site for people who just want to eat their favorite guilty pleasure foods together: Binge
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  11. Okay Cupid. More like Okay Stupid - A dating website for stupid people alike.
    Suggested by   @sidneylists