I have Major Depressive Disorder. These movies are for me (and you?)
  1. Dr. No Self Esteem
  2. From Russia with Nobody Loves Me
  3. No Gold Fingers
  4. Thunderbawl
  5. You Only Die Twice
  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Psych Ward
  7. Depression is Forever
  8. Live and Let Me Die
  9. The Man with the Golden Guilt
  10. The Spy Who Loved Everybody But Me
  11. NoonSleeper
  12. For Crying Eyes Only
  13. OctoProzac
  14. A View to a Celexa
  15. The Living Nightmares
  16. License to Kill Myself
  17. GoldenInsomnia
  18. Tomorrow Never Dies Fast Enough
  19. The World is Too Much
  20. Die Every Day
  21. Lexapro Royale
  22. Quantum of Soulless
  23. I Fall
  24. Wrecktre