1. Movie prop house
    I lasted 1 week. They said I "wasn't the right fit." They were right.
  2. Manhattan Bagel
    I was 19. They accused me of stealing.
  3. Marketing Coordinator at an architecture firm in Chicago.
    I tried to get my boss fired because she was a dick but instead I got fired.
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  4. Law Office
    They told me I had a soul.
    Suggested by @trailingpapers
  5. Babysitting my neighbor's children
    I was 13 and apparently not available enough so they brought in a girl from Columbia to work full time and live in their basement. Turns out it was illegal (I think they weren't paying her?) and led to all sorts of problems that ended up on the news, and include a now abandoned house and a broken marriage.
    Suggested by @e
  6. Working at a collection agency
    I felt guilty and advised people that they really didn't have to make payments. I got the boot😀
    Suggested by @fats
  7. Accounting office for a YouTuber management company
    I was an assistant, I never did any actual accounting. They asked me if I wanted to be promoted and learn how to be a real accountant. I said no thank you. Not long after, they fired me and hired an accounting major fresh out of college.
    Suggested by @fisackerly
  8. Dishwasher at a restaurant
    I had the temerity to ask the manager if I could train to wait tables so I could make more money. He told me, "I'm sorry, but you're just not good-looking enough." I said something that ended with, "...and the horse you rode in on." He fired me. I left a few months later for the military, and when I came home after a year the restaurant was no longer there.
    Suggested by @BlueRidgeGirl
  9. Red Mango
    Local frozen yogurt chain. They shut down the shop and let everyone go in one giant "team meeting." My manager gave us free tubs of cookie dough and boba toppings.
    Suggested by @carlydavis
  10. Panera fucking Bread
    After about 2 hours because they found out that I had another job and didn't think I could manage the vast hardships of working at panera bread and this other company, which was a bakery. Idk age 17 was hard, man.
    Suggested by @mlrly_
  11. seafood restaurant
    Brand-new seafood restaurant on a very busy stretch of other seafood restaurants. After they'd been open for a week the manager said "My mom and dad said I have to fire you, but I'd really like to go out with you sometime". 😂. Nope. I really was terrible, though.
    Suggested by @pathb
  12. Car dealership
    I was a car salesmen and admittedly i was pretty terrible because i didnt know how to coerce people into anything. My boss was calling out people one by one to fire them and he just looked at me and shook his head in a sad way. Later he became Felonious Munk, a successful youtube celebrity and comic who developed a new character that was a regular on Larry Willmore's now cancelled Nightly Show.
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua