1. "Every girl in my acting class always tells me that I'm the best one there. They say that if anyone is going to make it, it'll be me."
  2. "I have a masters degree in English, and I wash someone's fruit for a living."
  3. "Slavery is just this thing that happened for a few years, and then was over."
  4. "We want a really strong American accent, like Sam Worthington."
  5. "I think I'm a hipster; I bought glasses shaped like mason jars."
  6. "I've never done stand-up comedy, but I already know that I'll be amazing at it, so I am just going to wait until I'm a star, and then I'll do it."
  7. "We want a huge star name, like Peter Gallagher."
  8. "It's a pretty big deal that Lindsay Lohan did tv."