1. "Wait, there's a character named Caleb Haas?!"
  2. "Who isn't the sexy shaved head dude fucking?"
  3. "Oh good. The sexy blonde girl is still fucking the sexy but rude blonde guy."
  4. "I do appreciate the multi-cultural cast. They really found the sexiest people from every background."
  5. "FBI school is basically one zany but sexy game after another."
  6. "Did they seriously put a Grease Summer Lovin' style back and forth montage? Yes...yes they did."
  7. "They're really under-using the sexy Latina with huge boobs."
  8. "Hot people are really jealous"
  9. "That Muslim girl seems oddly DTF."
  10. "Wow the sexy Latina has good boobs."
  11. "This is a terrible show"
  12. "The storyline with the school shooting is fine, but why the fuck would the FBI boss allow all this to be heard?"
  13. "For FBI agents, they certainly have pouty lips."
  14. "The sexy agents are worse agents than the sexy trainees"
  15. "Oh damn! The sexy Muslim girl IS down to fuck!"
  17. "Jesus! Who ISN'T the sexy blonde girl fucking?!"
  18. "Whoa tough love on the teen! TOUGH LOVE!"
  19. "Now that the sexy shaved head dude got his cover blown, he can have a sexy but angry heart to heart with the sexy Indian girl."
  20. "Wow the sexy shaved head guy has pretty girl eyes."
  21. "A lecture on surveillance really brought this whole thing home (snooooooze)"
  22. "Oh fuck the sexy Muslim twins' cover is blown! That's not the only thing that got blown this week haha"