1. Margo Price - Midwest Farmer's Daughter
    This is real country. Margo Price is a Nashville artist on Jack White's Third Man Records. She sings like a fucking angel on songs about drinking, fighting, and loss. I saw her play last night, and was so blown away. This is a must have.
  2. Dan Sartain - Century Plaza
    He's been called the "no-wave Johnny Cash," and does everything from punk to country to rockabilly. This new album is his dark, gloomy electro-pop record, and it's full of synths. Very moody and very cool.
  3. Boris - Mr. Shortkill ep
    My favorite Japanese Experimental Doom Metal band is back with 3 awesome songs on this vinyl release. It rocks so hard, so fucking sludgy and heavy. I love this band so much. This ep contains their tribute to the late Motörhead singer, Lemmy Killmister.
  4. Jealousy - Paid for It
    This is San Francisco songwriter Mark Triese's 2nd album as Jealousy. It's dark, noisy post-punk; like a louder, more aggressive Love and Rockets. Angular, jagged, and very very cool.
  5. Black Mountain - IV
    Vancouver's Black Mountain play heavy, spacey, druggy rock music. On this new album, they've really broadened their sound with analog synths. It's a scary, drugged out, science fiction ride.