1. Shave my dog
    [at the Groomers] "It's summer, please S my D."
  2. Snort my drugs
    "It's a party; feel free to S my D."
  3. Steal my daughter
    [Liam Neeson in the TAKEN franchise] "Don't you dare S my D again!"
  4. Scrutinize my diorama
    [elementary school kid] "Hey teacher, don't S my D so hard!"
  5. Support my diet
    [after signing up at weight watchers] "I'm so thankful to have someone to S my D."
    Suggested by @amber
  6. Swip my debit.
    To cashier: "Can you S my D? I tried to do it with this machine, but it's not working. This D's not going to S itself!"
    Suggested by @AmberwithGlasses
  7. Sensor my diatribe
    "Don't you dare S my D, Montgomery. I have held my tongue for far too long and it's high time this town finds out what kind of man you really are."
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  8. Spread my Dijon. This sandwich isn't complete unless you S my D!
    Suggested by @christinakc
  9. Sell my dress
    "I really gotta S my D so please spread the word, I know it's prom season!"
    Suggested by @alishakurji
  10. Smell my diarrhea
    I'm not feeling well. Should I go to the hospital? Would you S my D and tell me if there's something wrong?
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  11. Stretch my Dollars
    Money's been tight since I was laid off from the taco factory. I'm really trying S my Ds till I find a new gig.
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  12. Sue My Dentist
    They pulled the wrong tooth last week. Looks like I'm going to have to S my D again.
    Suggested by @robinmorriz
  13. Share my dinner
    "I know you're hungry, so you should S my D"