I was at LAX last night.
  1. An airport employee whose job it is to keep me circling, but didn't do his job.
    I know he saw me, but I refused to make eye contact, and he apparently refused to walk over to my car. It was a game of "airport chicken," and I won.
  2. A random lady stopped to ask if I was there to pick up Mrs. Jascek.
    I don't know a Mrs. Jascek.
  3. A woman who yelled and screamed at me because she wanted her boyfriend to park where I was waiting.
    She made the boyfriend circle the entire airport twice instead of walking 5 feet in either direction to meet him, then she started yelling at me. I replied "fuck you, lazy."
  4. An older guy knocked on my car window and asked me who I was there to pick up.
    My response of "not you" probably came off a little harsh.