Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

seemingly make no sense at first glance
  1. conversation on tinder
    that was a little on the weird side but slightly flattering I guess, thanks?
  2. snapchat from my sister at 2am
    She had sushi poisoning and when I saw this I immediately thought if the scene in bridesmaids and saved it
  3. spray painting under the bridge in my hometown
    Anya (my sister) had gotten ditched by a boy she liked and was in a bad mood so we went to a bridge in town and did a bunch of (illegal?) spray painting
  4. my best friend is property of the government
    She is in the army stationed in Kentucky and we like to send snaps bitchin about our lives and she had a Paul walker moment
  5. my childhood friend has lit family get together's on the holidays
    couldn't get over how much we grew up to be almost the same person despite me moving away and this was everything I wished my easter was