Things I still enjoy as an adult that make me look like a child

I loved all of thee things as a child and still love them equally if not more as an adult
  1. Swinging
    I have had some issues getting nauseous as an adult which I never had as a child but it's worth it
  2. Coloring
    I was never any good at drawing but coloring in the lines? I got that shit on lock. And the new adult coloring book trend, fucking wonderful because now I don't have to buy kid coloring books!!!!
  3. Gushers
    Holy fuck they taste so much better than any fruit snack in the world
  4. Riding on carts at the store
    I was recently kicked out of walmart by a salty employee for riding inside the cart while my friend pushed us around and I grabbed items off the shelf from my prime location
  5. Asking to pet people's dogs
    dude it's a fuckin dog of course I'm screaming like a little girl and talking to it in a baby voice and wanna pet it