When you grow up their are certain expectations of things you'll just magically know how to do or become good at doing when you become an adult, I found out the hard way that wasn't the case. So basically I'm just a child with a credit card and car and that can legally make poor choices but will then be held accountable for them
  1. Opening my mail
    by the time I get that envelope open it will look like it went through the paper shredder or was opened by a very small child, I used to always laugh at letter openers thinking they served no purpose except maybe as a murder weapon but here I am considering buying one now
  2. Parallel Parking
    Still not sure how I managed to do it for my driving test but that was a one time miracle, I will literally park 6 blocks away from where I need to go just to avoid having to parallel park
  3. Grocery shopping
    I walk around the store (or sprint jump onto my cart and ride it as a bobsled) fully knowing I need to buy food to make meals and think about my eating habits and making them healthier but I always still end up with a cart full of little Debbie items and pizza rolls
  4. Ordering food at restaurants
    Giphy downsized medium
    I still have no idea what these fancy cooking terms mean or if this typically contains something I don't like but my parents aren't here to translate the menu for me so I'll just have the burger thanks