Things my younger sister said to me while drunk last night

She's 16 years old and we'd never ended up at the same party before, I ended up babysitting her all night because she was trashed
  1. I've never been this drunk in my entire life
  2. wait me and cole are official, we're actually dating now?
    in reference to her bf that she was with for over a year before he finally made it official
  3. will you braid my hair?
  4. Owww my leg hurts, did something happen to it?
    She had fallen and scraped her knee cap pretty decently and continued to ask this question every 5 minutes throughout the night
  5. I'm gonna puke
  6. Honestly Sasha you are the best big sister ever and I know we fight and I never say it but honestly you're such a good sister
  7. does my eyeshadow still look good?
    immediately after puking her guts out in the toilet
  8. I'm gonna pee
  9. Do I really owe you money?
    this almost caused her to be in tears
  10. my head hurts
    She fell at leat 6 times on a cement floor, no shit her head hurt