My fav. one liners from Parks n Rec S5 Ep12

Cause yes, I have rewatched this show too much and yes, I am that bored bitches.
  1. I'll have 12 eggs and part of a dead animal, dealers choice.
    Ron is the only person who knows how to order breakfast food
  2. Fleet Wood Mac Sex Pants new band name I call it!!!
  3. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said to Betty ford, Hillary Clinton is great!
  4. Haverford food rule #6, never eat a food with a sauce I have to dip myself, drizzle it for me, I'm not your maid.
  5. There's been a mistake you've accidentally given me the food my food eats
  6. Is a gerbil marrying a rabbit?
  7. I don't know who Ann Taylor is, but I hate her, and I want to kill her
  8. That son of a bitch is astute
  9. I'm gonna scan a quick pic of them boobies for a little deposit in "El banco de spanko.
  10. Babe, you look amazing in that outfit, plus you're the smartest person on the planet. I think you can do this just being yourself.