1. The original Gameboy with Tetris cartridge.
  2. Saturday morning cartoons with my brother.
  3. Hoping for snow days to keep us home from school.
  4. My Nokia cellphone.
  5. Goodbyes at the departure gate instead of a quick drop off before TSA.
  6. Not always being connected to technology.
  7. The family phone; corded, in the kitchen.
  8. Watching TGIF at every sleepover during my junior high years.
  9. Living without the fear of becoming a meme.
  10. Afternoons at the skating rink.
  11. Always having a tape deck in my car.
  12. Renting VHS cassettes at blockbuster.
  13. Animated movies that were drawn out on celluloid.
  14. Transfat in all the food
  15. Not being expected to have a political opinion.
  16. Recess and art.
  17. Birthday parties with intense rounds of musical chairs.
  18. Assuming we'd all grow up to be what we dreamed to be.
  19. Getting 7 CDs for $5 via Columbia house.