My car used to be clean. Then I started giving the kids snacks while driving around. OY.
  1. The goldfish crackers are spawning.
    I don't even remember the last time I bought goldfish crackers.
  2. There is enough toy weaponry to invade a small country in my backseat.
    We have melee and projectile weapons, everybody gets their favorite!
  3. Approximately 329 stuffed animals are required for any trip longer than 9 minutes.
    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.
  4. I'm a serious headphone hoarder.
    I found 4 sets of headphones in the front console. And 2 on the floor of the passenger seat area.
  5. I have a potentially dangerous caffeine addiction.
    Coffee, tea, organic energy drinks: I don't discriminate. *Disclosure: I already knew about my addiction.
  6. As a family, we own at least 1,375 hoodies.
    They're all in the backseat.
  7. There are 2 ring slings, 1 mei tai, and 2 soft structured baby carriers in my trunk.
    My youngest is almost 3 and only one carrier is used regularly.