Stats of things done in the year of bleakness
  1. Correspondence: written and mailed approximately 125 post cards, 65 folded notes, 35 - 50 letters. I was discouraged by the clerk at the post office, who is only too happy to sell me stamps, to calculate what I spent on postage. These totals don't include 30 'holiday' cards, and 20 Rosh Hashana cards
  2. Renewed and refreshed my language skilz 110 consecutive days of Duolingo hitting level 13, 5000 points improving my Hebrew significantly
  3. Completed 5 knitted projects beginning to end: a cardigan, pullover, shell, beret, and cowl ( ok, I haven't blocked the cowl or beret because it's tedious and annoying)
  4. I taught a total 232 exercise classes,126 RPM cycle 106 BODY PUMP. I'm pretty shocked by that too