Those extortionist bastards!!!!
  1. I genuinely enjoy PBS, a network presenting numerous excellent, interesting and insightful programs that are often re-run to allow for a wider viewing audience.
    My first memories of television are of PBS shows and by extension my kids only watched PBS when they were little enough to still need help getting onto the couch. I have supported PBS with my money and enthusiasm, forever.
  2. I have access to 3 different affiliates which broadcast from VA, MD and the District of Columbia. Meaning, it is possible and not difficult to watch the same show simultaneously, staggered or at completely different times from a choice of PBS stations.
    The bare bones, super cheap, cable package, which I pay for, provides a signal to the tv, internet and thus wifi to the household millennials who would wither in its absence, the old school networks and 3 PBS channels.
  3. There's an excellent half hour program: The Mind of a Chef featuring eminent cooking talents who are influencing the culinary landscape, reshaping the language, approaches, and fundamental premises of the industry.
    While it sounds like a 'cooking' show, it is an exploration and discussion of what defines and informs aesthetic taste, creativity and the questions that pertain to it's development, inspiration and evolution , the drive to innovate, invent, reinvent, attaining and maintaining mastery. Very cool.
  4. I love it. My world comes to a crashing stop when I sit to watch it. Which is to say, that if I am interrupted, some one or thing had better be engulfed in flame. Copious, caustic blood loss is not going to be enough to merit my attention.
  6. How is that possible? PBS is generally not considered a mafia grade, extortion syndicate...
    Great question. Thanks for asking. Allow me to explain....
  7. Amazon and Netflix used to stream full seasons of The Mind of a Chef (TMoaC) included in the service I already pay for. I was perfectly willing to wait so I could binge and re-binge to my heat's delight. This was great for seasons 1-3. BUT NOW THEY ARE GONE
    The option is to pay $30 PER SEASON, including the current one, on Amazon or ITunes.
  8. There is a PBS app on Apple TV which will allow me access to two episodes and the previews to ALL OF THE OTHER EPISODES OF THE SEASON. Like drug dealers, they give a taste of the goodness and a glimpse of what is out there, but for the full high you have got to PAY
    A family friend informs me that if I subscribe to PBS PREMIUM then I may be ableto watch the whole season. Wait, I already write a check to PBS. Are you suggesting that I pay more for the one show they never ever re-run???BASTARDS!!!
  9. Downtown Stupid Abbey, the highest rated PBS show ever, is all over the place. Re-run with reckless abandon plunked into the schedule when there's a hole in programming (like some concert gets canceled) streaming across every platform like Niagara Falls FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE.
    Meanwhile my favorite little show IS BEING PIMPED OUT FOR SOME SERIOUS COIN
  10. I have to find it and watch it in real time, as in WATCH A SHOW WHILE IT IS AIRING. It's almost like living in the 80's all over again. 😳
  11. The Mind of a Chef airs, on only one of the three channels, on Saturday at 12:30pm (thus screwing with the flow of my day) IT DOES NOT RE-RUN EVER and gets bounced off the schedule when the fundraising gets going in overdrive, without notice- sometimes resuming out of sequence.
  12. PBS, I have subsidized you for decades, please let me see my show without charging me for it, again.
  14. Thanks, I feel better.
  15. Just checked (3/3/17) Netflix is again streaming full episodes and seasons (1-4) It's the best news I've had all day. My weekend plans are set.
    Suck it PBS!!!