In a month that celebrates love with hearts, know that though women experience fewer heart attacks then men, they are more likely to die from one because they don't get to the hospital soon enough. Symptoms differ between men and women, who might not know they are experiencing a cardiac event. Direct from the American Heart Association (
  1. Most common symptom for both men and women is explicit chest pain or discomfort.
    Men experience 'Hollywood heart attacks' seen often in the movies or t.v. dramatic. For women there are more generic symptoms that may present less acutely.
  2. Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing fullness or pain in your chest lasting more than a few minutes or stops and then comes back.
  3. Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, back, neck, jaws or stomach.
    Note: not pain in just the left quadrant of the body as is typically described for men.
  4. Shortness of breath, with or without chest discomfort.
  5. Breaking out in a cold sweat.
  6. Nausea, or vomiting with back and jaw pain
    These specific symptoms are moree likely to be experienced by women and also the reason they don't go to the hospital: They think the are having heartburn or the flu.
  7. If you experience a combination of these symptoms or suspect that something is off call 9-1-1 get to an emergency room.
    I'm not a doctor and this is a social media platform- not webMD so this is not medical advice just an FYI
  8. Why bring this to your attention - bleak and dark as it is, utterly lacking in humor?
    Because you're worth it. You or someone you love should not die as a function of being uniformed.