I didn't really, I stole it from the ever loved Princess Mitzie Pitzie Cutie Girlie Wonderpuppy Orangeblossom Powers.
  1. This is her selfie
    We have the same mustache.
  2. Pensive, wise, vaguely disinterested in anything that did not pertain to her
    Don't interrupt my nap. We got a dog when my husband traveled extensively and I wanted another being as a deterrent to villainy. She barked ferociously at the mailman and attacked everything that fell through the slot, approached every stranger as an admirer and friend bearing snacks. She snored just like my husband, but more loudly (when the air conditioner ran she'd sit on the vents and the snoring would thunder above us) it was so comforting.
  3. This is her favorite-ist person in all the world. He was sad because some terrible girl broke his heart ❤️ and Mitzie is having none of it, licking his tears and sadness away.
    She loved her people individually, with fierce devotion. And never forgave us, the parents, when we let him go to college. Did she hold a grudge.
  4. Meat!!!! Mama see me sitting here like a very good very pretty girl? A little something could fall for such a pretty girl like me. I'm being super good remember me? Arf (single bark) I'm here!
    I'm cutting flank steak. She knew how to ask for what she wanted. She really taught me what it is and means to be pretty. If you know it, insist the pretty be recognized. Don't let yourself be concerned with petty pedestrian problems, they don't apply to you, a pretty girl.
  5. Breeding and poise. Generations of lap dogs before create a temperament of sweet, smart, cozy companions.
    In her element, on a lap. Breeding also gave her a terrible heart condition, hip displasia, and ear issues. But in her first 10 years she was stellar.
  6. Her primary couch buddy, and a big dispenser of treats. You know she's regal. So did she.
    Even sitting some times she'd give off the spaniel vibe, as a young girl she would point instinctively at the vexing, though numerous squirrels in the yard
  7. With all her boys. Oh, you smell good let me get those boogers for you.
    She was the center of the family, growing up with the boys, beloved and adored in the neighborhood by especially little children who were sometimes rough in petting her, or tugging her ears. She was patient and gentle with them never barking or nipping at them.
  8. If I am going to have an alter ego, my secret online identity, I may as well be a 1derpuppy.
  9. It's also my Ravelry user name.