I don't knit casually, I knit the way people who take drugs take heroin. Don't think it's a thing? Let's review....
  1. It is all about the feel. Fiber is tactile, it feels good in your hands...
    There is a rush when a project is humming along, a satisfying though unquenchable sensation. The phrase that is commonly used in both contexts, knitting and drug use: just one more line.
  2. I can stop any time I want to.....
    Noooooo that is just not the case. There is a mild but increasing anxiety as a project nears it's conclusion. What am I going to do next? What if this is the only project I currently have on needles? The very prospect of not have anything to work on can induce hives. There is an ache in its absence.
  3. When it is going badly, it's torture but still the itch persists, you can't walk away.
    This is my current project, a huge lace shawl that I was 4 lines away from being done. There was a problem, I tried to correct and now I am way fucked. I keep going back and reworking it, like picking at a scab I can't stop myself, it's not getting better and my legitimate fear is I will have to tear back the whole damn thing- hundreds of stitches per row, many many rows worth... aaaaghhhh very badly, I'll try again tomorrow because OCD and general addiction. It took 12 hours to fix this.
  4. I feel much better, kinder, calmer when I'm (knitting, drinking, smoking weed) pick your poison, than when I'm not. Tensions and stresses build, put the needles in my hands ahhh sweet relief.
  5. As artists, from forever ago, extol the virtues of drink, opium, LSD use on expanding the mind, boosting creative powers...I'll verify the claim - I'm much more creative (and productive) when I'm knitting.
  6. There is a gateway hierarchy and once you move up the ladder you aren't coming back down. Those bottom tiers aren't going to give you a comparable joy once you've been to the top.
    We all start on cheap acrylic (unless you're European) and then shift to wool (like beer to liquor). Then, as skills improve a hunger for more sumptuous, expensive stuff. Wool leads to wool blends, alpaca/lama, cashmere,(cloud) qiviut (heaven).
  7. Fiber is sold by weight: grams.
    Qiviut costs $110 for 1 28 gram skein or almost $4 for 1 (one) gram
  8. many needles.
  9. Comparable language: STASH used as a noun and a verb.
    All knitters accrue a stash (noun) a collection of stuff, for some yet undetermined project, seduced by color, texture, a sale induced the purchase, assuredly not needed but necessary. It is possible to reach SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy) which takes a lot of space. Some knitters stash (verb) hide their purchases from the people they live with, like in attics, trunks of cars, behind books...because promises were made... I'll cut back, I can give up anytime..