You know how: good things - YEAH! Bad stuff - BOO!
  1. So today started well enough
  2. Knocked out the Duolingo lessons in Hebrew and French.....YEAH!
  3. Spent time at my desk, prepping paperwork that needed copies, forms that need filling out, making stuff ready to get completed .....YEAH!
  4. Threw in a load of laundry after properly pre-treating (which is not often done by other clothes washers in this house) .....YEAH!
  5. Sent two emails that I wasn't really feeling but trying to maintain friendships despite overwhelming antisocial instincts ....YEAH!
  6. Did some heavy pot scrubbing and top layer surface kitchen cleaning .....YEAH!
  7. Dragged my tired ass to the gym to meet my elliptical quota. Which was stupid hard but yielded an excellent work out .....YEAH!
  8. Left the gym dripping wet with sweat intending to hit the chores, heading to get copies made of paper work that will yield money so - important .....YEAH
  9. Drive along on fairly busy, high traffic roads feeling the nascent embers of a feeling that could very well be what contentment or, dare I propose, happiness? I'm a little out of practice on those .....YEAH!
  10. Turning left, copy place in view, clutch pedal is depressed to shift into gear and I CAN NOT!!! NOR DOES THE PEDAL RETURN TO THE POSITION THAT WOULD LET IT WORK.... shit.... way BOO!
  11. I'm coasting, not in gear, I so hate when this happens ok turning into a parking lot, break to a stop.... YEAH did not stall to a stop in the middle of traffic..YEAH-ish ..But clutch not working, so so BOO
  12. Parked, start making phone calls spouse, household members, for the garage number, which is located 6 blocks away, get in touch with road help.... on hold... clutch pedal returns to it's correct position..?.?....BOO. I don't need this project.
  13. Informed, after a prolonged wait that the tow truck will be there in 90 minutes under the best of
  14. Make my copies, stop at rest room.... yeah
  15. Get in car to wait, but sweat wet shirt is now cold does not feel
  16. Whilst waiting, head starts spinning to some ugly places: this is a 4 year old clutch shouldn't it last longer-installed by my ex-mechanics. I'm going to yelp those mother fuckers out of existence !!!! ....BOO. I'm not proud of that reaction.
  17. How am I going to pay for this? ...BOO, I just needed a few months of no disasters to tie up these stressful times....BOOO
  18. Really, I had the nerve feel the slight glow of happy and this?!?!? Is my karma so very warped? .... BOO, BOO,BOO
  19. Stop that, the mom part in my head states, there's no point in not doing what she says. You are not hurt, nor is anyone else, the boys weren't driving they would have had no clue what to do. Just stop. It's just money....MEH
  20. Remember something my mother often said "It's a fucking growth opportunity / teachable moment". Demonstrate how to handle the unexpected without panic that blossoms into full tilt hysteria.... yeah.
  21. I decide, it's a bummer not a problem. I'm going to figure it out......YEAH ... just a little tired now......
  22. Tow truck driver arrives, he is very sweet, apologizes for being so late, gets my car onto the truck in 10 minutes, carefully straps it in place. I am grateful for diligent service at this moment, it is a welcome kindness ......YEAH!
  23. Drops the car off at the garage without incident, cost covered by road help.....YEAH!
  24. Bobby, my mechanic and I argue the merits of winning $300 million, or just one million before we contemplate the problem with my car. Likely candidate hydraulic system. No way, that's going to be less then $800. Boooo He claims they'll call me in the morning with a diagnosis & quote. I won't hear from them before 4pm. BOO
  25. Husband picks me up. .....YEAH!
  26. We have a nice chat until he urges me to get a new car, because mine is 19 years
  27. Don't have time to shower or nap, get ready to head out to work after a quick bite..... BOO
  28. And somehow teach a good class, after stressful dash out the door......YEAH!
  29. Family is sweet and supportive upon my return home......YEAH!
  30. I am without wheels tomorrow, argh.... it shouldn't matter but it does it feels limiting... boo hoo
  31. More YEAH than BOO in the end, funny that. Yet, the BOOs feel bigger. Thanks for playing. Stay tuned for future episodes of YEAH - BOO